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The ‘B’ List

This list is a work in progress. Definitely open to suggested entries so if you’ve got a place where we just shouldn’t spend our hard-earned money…let me know.

Just can’t support:

Rush Limbaugh“The quintessential hate-monger.” The unfortunate part about having Rush Limbaugh at the top of a list like this is that he’s probably proud to be the headliner for an asshole list, but we figure his head can’t get much bigger or fatter than it already is…maybe it will just explode and do the world a favor.

Fox News, Fox Broadcasting – For their failure to truly report the news without their personal opinions included as thinly-veiled intelligence. It pisses me off that they broadcast the football games…but I guess that’s not news.  See for yourself. I wonder if megynkellyisabitch.com is available?

Tampa Tribune, Media General – For their failure to truly report the news without their personal opinions attached…isn’t that what the ‘Opinions’ section is for? Thank goodness for the St. Petersburg Times!

Westboro Baptist Church – For being the poster child for HYPOCRITE. God is not a scapegoat and hatred is not a quality. Prince said it best – “I hope they bury your old ideas, the same time they bury you.”

Sarah Palin – For being a HYPOCRITE (sound familiar?). Where on earth did you get the idea that it’s Godlike to hate so many different types of people, to call people that live in larger metropolitan areas anti-American, and to stand on a soapbox claiming to understand regular people with your $500,000 campaign wardrobe that you’ll so graciously donate to charity?

Cactus Lounge – Perryopolis, PA – Picture this…it’s 2003 and I go to this sh#thole of a bar only to be told that “they don’t serve my kind” there. Huh? Surriously (sp? on purpose)? Yes, that’s right…the Cactus Lounge in Perryopolis, PA (Western Pennsylvania) still has separate drinking fountains and their pies are only for light folks.

Curves Fitness – A fitness chain that caters to women but behind the scenes is anti-choice AND has deep connections with American Family Association – yet another hypocritical religious group that spends more time and money hating others than doing God’s will. Workout at Shapes, they seem to be a friendlier bunch.

American Family Association (Donald Wildmon) – A religious organization that uses such a nice name as a cover to poison their followers’ minds with incorrect, errantly judgemental, hateful ideas about everyone from homosexuals to Muslims. These people have organized boycotts against Crest, Volkswagon, Walmart, Pampers, Microsoft, Burger King, Mary Kay, Old Navy and even Nutri-System. They should find a new hobby. Talk about the anti-Christ…I think it’s got new initials – A.F.A. (American Family Association). Oh and don’t forget…they’ve got a $17M budget and over $30M in assets so they’re an 800 pound gorilla with an American Express Centurion (Black Card).

James David Manning, ATLAH – Just a bigoted, misinformed individual that is trying to make a name for himself by being an outspoken jerk.  Incidentally, his PhD is from his own ATLAH University which he created.  Good for him.

Shirley Nagel – Grosse Point Farms, MI – This evil degenerate wouldn’t give kids that were dressed like Obama, or had parents that supported Obama any candy on Halloween.  Only McCain supporters’ children and children dressed like McCain or Palin.  Are we serious?  Shirley – discriminating against kids?  Honey you’ve got balls of steel and I hope one of those kids kicks you in them…maybe you’ll wake up human.  One last thing…guess which network aired the story?  If you guessed Fox, you guessed right…because remember…they report the news(not) and we throw up.

Knights of Columbus – For donating $1,275,000 to make sure that Amendment 8 denies rights to the LGBT community.  It’s a Catholic fraternal organization.  What happened to letting God do the judging?  Who knew there were so many annointed individuals and they all live in the United States?

John M. Templeton Jr, Bryn Mawr, PA (Let Freedom Ring, Inc.) – For donating $900,000 to make sure that Amendment 8 denies rights to the LGBT community.

Fieldstead & Co. – Finances radical right-wing initiatives.

Elsa & Edgar Prince (Holland, MI) – An auto parts manufacturer that has donated $450,000 toward denying rights and Amendment 8.

Focus on the Family (Colorado) – See Knights of Columbus, and American Family Association, but to the tune of $448,000+ relative to CA and distributing their hate message toward the LGBT community.

Caster Companies, A-1 Self Storage of San Diego, Terry Caster (California) – See Knights of Columbus, American Family Association, Elsa & Edgar Prince, blah, blah, blah.  $292,600.

Robert Hurtt, Container Supply Company, Hurtt Jr. Real Estate (California) – See above – $275,000.

Dorothy Nielson (La Verne, California) – See above + supporter and active donor to anti-gay Republicans.  $150,000.

Doug Manchester, Manchester Grand Hyatt – San Diego, CA, other hotels in San Diego owned by Doug Manchester – See above, to the tune of $125,000.

Pacific Shores Masonry – Corona, CA – See above, to the tune of $125,000.

Ronda Storms – Florida Senate, District 10 – It’s best just to do your own research about this woman, but rest assured that she claims to be a woman of God (Baptist), she brings religion into politics, and she hates a lot of people…guess which political party she represents?  If you look closely, there’s a repeated theme and not by design, but merely because the shoe is fitting…

The Mormon Church – Sideon, this is for you.  You can’t believe how much money these folks spend on making sure that gays and lesbians are not permitted the same rights as other humans.  Kinda sad since I’ve met quite a few who have such a sordid secret life.  Sniffing coke, cheating on their wife, or should I say wives, gambling, but won’t drink coffee?  Can I get an H?, Can I get a Y? Can I get a P?…well, you know where this is going…

The scary California conservatives that you don’t want to patronize because they certainly wouldn’t spend their money to help you, but they’ll take your money in a heartbeat list. See this link for full details.

Chick-Fil-A – I always thought that this may be a bit of a conflict of interest because of their Sunday thing, but it was confirmed for me by a new friend.  These guys support heavily “Focus on Family” which is a product of non other than AFA.  Besides, Wendy’s, KFC and Burger King all have better chicken.


  1. OMG!!! I love this!!! Thank you for sharing this.


    Comment by Dana Graham | October 27, 2008

  2. Gulp at the Cactus Lounge. How awful! It must have felt like you stepped back in time. Isn’t that kind of thing illegal?

    Comment by Brian | October 28, 2008

  3. DG – I’m sure you’ll have some additions for me soon won’t you? ; )

    Brian – I don’t think it’s illegal actually. I know that some of the civil laws apply to real estate transactions and employment but I don’t believe there are any stipulations that they must be broadly applied in a retail/social setting.

    It did feel like a big time-warp and at the time, it was really hard to deal with, but now I’ve grown to be able to laugh about it. I guess time heals all wounds…

    Comment by deek1973 | October 28, 2008

  4. Gosh darn! James Manning beat me to it. I was going to start my own university, Kohler University, and award myself a PhD…since every one’s doing it, maybe I’ll just run for Vice President instead (know anybody interested in adding me as their running mate for 2012?)

    Comment by wutupdogg | October 31, 2008

  5. I guess time heals all wounds…

    I’ve heard that time wounds all heels. 🙂

    Comment by Brian | October 31, 2008

  6. wutupdogg!!! You made me laugh out loud twice with this one! Kohler University huh? All I want to know is will that university have an artistic dance program?

    You’ll definitely make one heck of a doctor and V.P. in 2012!!!!

    Gosh darnit, I’ll betcha there’s an ice sportin’ matriarch playin’ a drinkin’ game with jose kegger using the word maverick to take a sip when the second hand hits 12 that would LOVE to have you run with her in the 0.1.2!

    Comment by deek1973 | October 31, 2008

  7. Brian – Love that line! “Time wounds all heels”

    I think that should be our ‘B’ List mantra!

    Comment by Derek | October 31, 2008

  8. deek… to your first point…but of course, the entire curriculm will be centered around artistic dance. second, i’ll probably be washing my hair the day mrs. puck shot calls me, therefore i will sadly miss that opportunity and will have to look for someone that can’t see russia from their front porch…

    Comment by wutupdogg | October 31, 2008

  9. I’d offer Mormonism as an option for the list, but giving isn’t an option in the cult, it’s required for admittance into the highest tier in heaven. Kind of like buying the best parking space in a multi-level parking structure in the sky.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

    Comment by Sideon | November 4, 2008

  10. Sideon – after seeing what happened with Prop 8 and your post, you can rest assured that the Mormon church will certainly be added to the ‘B’ List.

    Comment by deek1973 | November 6, 2008

  11. What about Rush Limbaugh? The quintessential hate monger.

    Comment by MichelleC | November 10, 2008

  12. MC – You couldn’t be more correct! As a matter of fact, I’m moving him to the top of the list, right before Fox News. Thanks for the insight.

    Comment by deek1973 | November 11, 2008

  13. I think you should add


    They support “Focus on the Family” with MILLIONS of dollars yearly.

    Thank you for this list!!!

    Comment by Scott in Tampa | July 1, 2009

  14. Scott in Tampa, you are completely right! Thanks for the comment and they will be added.

    Comment by deek1973 | July 3, 2009

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