Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…

I Fox’d up

What’s really swimming in my head right now is what’s going on with Catholic Rev Joseph Illo and what he’s said about Catholic Obama supporters and abortion.  But truth be known, I’m growing weary of all the fighting surrounding religion and politics.  My only question is, when did it become acceptable for religious organizations to become political machines instead of beacons of light for all that is good?

…stepping off soapbox now and moving onto something far less scary but equally categorized as horror…

So, we had friends in from out of town for Thanksgiving and we decided to make Sunday a movie day because if you can believe it – in Tampa, we had a tornado watch for the day…go figure.

We rented Zohan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Shutter.

Shutter is the shhhh####t.  I had heard nothing about this movie prior to visiting Blockbuster and after the urging we received from the awesome Blockbuster Videorista that suggested it, we watched it.

What a good movie!  If you haven’t seen it…definitely consider watching it…it really was good.  Call me Siskel, call me Ebert, or call me to watch it again at your house…

Oh, the title?  “I Fox’d up”…yeah about that…I realized that the movie is a Fox production and I’m kind of mad at Fox for some other reasons…so, if you’re operating under a similar Fox ban, simply wear a hat, sunglasses and dark clothing when you go out to rent it…nobody will recognize you.

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Can You Vote If Your Home Has Been Foreclosed?

I had to throw this post in here because I found out that some GOP (aka Republican) officials were deviously planning to be armed with foreclosure lists at Michigan polls on the 4th to challenge voter eligibility.


I honestly can’t even believe that GOP officials would stoop that low but I guess that desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you know of anyone that may be thinking to avoid the polls because of a foreclosure, please share this information with them.  Now is definitely the time to speak up, especially when people are doing underhanded things to fix the elections.  Rosemary Rodriguez of the U.S. Election Assitance Commission says:

“Foreclosure does not take away the right to vote.”

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