Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…


I don’t know who picks the accompanying music for Ugly Betty, but whoever it is, they are brilliant.  I was a little late in seeing the episode “Crush’d”.  I had to watch it on the ABC website last night because my DVR didn’t record it for some reason.

The song that ended the episode is “Look” by Sebastien Tellier and is incredible!  I have no idea what he’s saying nor have I found any sites with the lyrics, but this is a great track and definitely worth listening to!

I’ve put a homemade video that someone has done with the track….but the audio is good, so give it a listen.

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All Done

We voted today.  You’ll be happy to know that I am officially placing on hold my daily ‘McBidPalinobamatics’ until the election is over.

On to bigger more important news.  Daniel is doing some scheming on Ugly Betty.  Who knew?  Who is this Connor dude and poof-be-gone to evil Kimmie.  Good friggin’ riddance.

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Just Breathe…

So…if you saw Ugly Betty on the 9th, you had to hear that haunting song that ended the episode.  That song launched me into one of my most vigorous ‘googling’ sessions to date.

I couldn’t find anything with the few lyrics that I could remember – “we all have joy and we all have pain…just breathe.”  I even wrote into the Ugly Betty blog to ask if any of the other readers knew the song.  Lo and behold, someone did and I was able to go to iTunes and buy “Breathe” by Two of Cups.

I’m not kidding when I say that the song gets in your head.  You can actually hear it on the artist’s myspace page.

It seems to capture the feeling that we all need to embrace right now.  Basically, we all have good times and bad, but how beautiful things would be if we just breathe.  At least that’s my translation.

If you have the chance, check it out…definitely puts life into perspective.

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