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diving in the deep end…

From My Perspective

I sometimes sit and wonder how I’ve gotten so politically charged of late. Is it because I’m a closeted die-hard Democrat? No, that can’t be it…don’t really care for the party system.

Is it because I was raised in a politically opinionated family? No, that’s definitely not it because my family felt that politics had no place in their lives due to their strong religious convictions.

Is it because I’m mixed race and there is a mixed race Presidential candidate that has a strong possibility of winning the 2008 election? Definitely not! Especially because I’m of the opinion that when asked my race, I say American. I was born here, I’ve always lived here, I pay taxes here, and I vote here. I’m American. Culture is a whole other conversation to be saved for another day.

All that said…who gives a crap, I just thought this clip of Obama appearing on The Daily Show was awesome and worth sharing.


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