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We watched “2 Girls 1 Finger”

Really busy day today so not a lot of time to post.  Quick update though…we decided to watch both “2 Girls 1Cup” and “2 Girls 1 Finger” last night.  It only happened because my sister called to tell me that she had watched the reaction videos on my post yesterday and she decided she HAD to watch the original videos.

I knew I could at least make it through them if she did, since she’s pregnant and said she only gagged.  I heard through the grapevine that my buddy @ WTF watched them too…still waiting for the report.

Anyhew…I only gagged 3 times and never fully utilized the garbage can…so, I’m proud of myself.  We did however, decide to video the showing and our reaction is actually quite funny…maybe I’ll post the video here soon.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

One little treat for you before you leave…the following reaction is priceless…enjoy!

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So last year – videos I still haven’t seen…

I admit it.  With each passing year, I’m finding that I’m less and less in touch with what the latest trends are.  A perfect example?

The whole “2 Girls 1 Cup and 2 Girls 1 Finger videos.  I have not seen either of them despite some prodding from some of my younger friends and I probably won’t ever see them.

Let’s face the music…I gag too easy.  Sometimes you have to admit your weaknesses and deal.

I stumbled across the video below last night and I heart the girl in the starring role.  She gets me.

Ok…I had to add one more…because it makes me laugh to the point of tears…this is a reaction to 2 Girls 1 Cup…

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