Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…

Good morning Tampa

Was planning to sleep until 7:00 this morning but instead was awakened by the weather radio this morning at 5:44 to hear that we are under yet another tornado watch.

Winter here is usually pretty beautiful but this year has been a roller coaster ride thus far.  Thought I would share a picture I took of a Tampa morning under a tornado watch.

Kind of cool with the WordPress snow huh?


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What would you do?

Why I only swim in chlorinated water...

Why I only swim in chlorinated water...

I don’t know whether this is real or not, but I think ‘sharting’ (what happens when you sh*t and fart at the same time) would probably be appropriate.  Then what?

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Another moving piece of media

This is just amazing to me.  It’s the kind of thing that I’ve wanted to see as normal and par for the course as long as I’ve been alive.  We’re going to be ok here and things are definitely looking up.

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