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Desperate times call for desperate Qaedas

And then it happened…I was trying to be good.  Posting things that were a little less delicate in their subject matter…but then I came back from lunch with none other than the author of WTF (great blog).

Lunch was awesome.  We laughed – a lot like we always do.  We pondered over the things that make this globe go ’round and we thought we achieved world peace until…drumroll please.

I had the unfortunate pleasure of reading an article about, come closer because I have to whisper this, Ayman al-Zawahri – Al Qaeda’s number 2 – pronounced dummazz.

Mr. DumbAss referred to President Elect Obama, Colin Powell, and ‘Condie’ as “house Negroes”.  It was apparently his desperate attempt to reach out to the “weak and oppressed” Muslims to garner their support.

Now, I’m no expert in gathering support from the masses, but couldn’t he come up with something better than “house Negroes”?  What does that mean?  IDK, “civilized American” would that be more appropriate?

Since I don’t know the answer and I don’t think that someone who lives in a cave is probably the most credible resource for name calling, I’ll leave you with this:

If Mr. DumbAss is number 2, doesn’t that make him ‘poo’?

**NOTE – I don’t want to be put onto any Patriot Act watchlist for reporting on what’s ‘swimming in my head’.  This is merely a commentary documenting a fundamental basic that Confucius should probably add to his repertoir – Confucius say: “Terrorist cave dweller whose rank is number 2, should be ignored because he’s nothing but poo.”

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Alabama – the decent parts…

When I wrote my sarcastic post 2 days ago about Gail McDaniel and Dan Dollar of Vernon, Alabama, I never anticipated such a big response.

For me, it was a matter of answering some absurd comments to show them for how ignorant yet hurtful they were.  I would be remiss however, if I didn’t answer the other side as well.

Although I have yet to see an article in print that highlights a feeling of entitlement or extra “right” from African-Americans, this can be considered preemptive.

I can say with conviction, that I don’t believe that Americans of any ethnicity but especially those with a similar background to President Elect Obama view his election as an excuse or “right” to suddenly “be more aggressive”.

Rather, I feel that the bar has been raised and those that previously felt that they are relegated to second class citizenship will now understand that opportunity exists for all Americans.  But it has to be worked hard for.

President Elect Obama certainly did not lazily campaign, he worked tirelessly.  It’s a good example to follow.  For those of us that have been fortunate enough to understand it, we know that although at times very difficult, we can achieve great things.

So, what I would like to say to any Alabama residents whose feelings I may have hurt is, I know that Gail McDaniel and Don Dollar are not good representatives of the intelligence, progress and people that make up Alabama.

That NYT article stirred the pot, but the reality is that there are some decidedly decent parts and decent people in Alabama and I’m using the reaction as a lesson learned.

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