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diving in the deep end…

Wally a.k.a. Gotye

I’ve decided that weekends on this blog are either going to be about music or something pleasant – no bad energy.

In that spirit, I’ve waited far too long to write a post about Gotye.

“Aussies should pronounced Gotye as “gore-ti-yeah”, using that inimitably dry and elongated sound they call an “accent”!”

My favorite song by this talented guy is “Thanks for your Time” (click the link to the left to watch the video) and I am admittedly anxious about his arrival here in the states. My guess and hope is that he becomes hugely popular here…and of course I hope that he hires my company to do any videography work that he may need when he’s here…subtle underlying hint…subliminal.

**Private Note to Gotye if he ever stumbles across and reads this post**…Since I know that you may indeed be monitoring your Google moniker…yes, that was a shameless plug for my company, but only because I’m making a shameless plug for you. Cheering to the hopes that you’re working on an international release slated for the good ol’ USA.


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