Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…

Rockin’ it Florida style…

So it dropped to 27 balmy degrees last night here in Florida.  Our poor palm trees have sheets on them.  I left the northeast to get away from this, but alas global warming is playing an April Fool’s joke early and chillin’ the U.S. like a villain.

What does a Floridian do when it’s that cold here and most of their winter clothes were given to Goodwill in Philadelphia?

Improvise – so, to my friends GBU2 and Sideon…here’s the photos you requested.  If you’d like to use them on the cover of one of your next magazines, just call my agent at the Monte Carlo number (123) 456-7890.

Long johns & cargo shorts - it's the look

Long johns & cargo shorts - it's the look

Warm, yet practical for the Florida lifestyle

Warm, yet practical for the Florida lifestyle

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My new favorite sport

Frozen Tampa

Frozen Tampa

Ok…not so much new, definitely not so much favorite, just couldn’t come up with a good title.

So, I’m writing this post from the frozen tundra that is Tampa, Florida.  And I’m considering renaming this blog “Ice Skating on my Pool” instead of “Swimming in my Head”.

I know that the rest of the country feels little to no sympathy for us Floridians when the temperature dips here, but 36 degrees?  C’mon!  What’s worse?  They’ve said that tonight, we’ll be dropping to well below freezing!

I’ve been productive thus far, and my intent is to maintain that productivity, but my heating system is on overtime because wearing long johns underneath my favorite cargo shorts is not cute as a look to emulate for success in 2009.

I’m just sayin’…

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Snow in Tampa?

Of all the ‘tweet’s’ and news feeds and RSS’s and Diggs and Stumbleupons…sorry, I get carried away with all of the information sometimes.

Anyhew, what I was trying to say before my little tangent was that I received a ‘tweet’ this morning that it may possibly snow in Tampa tomorrow.  Why have the last 7 days felt like the first hour of The Day After Tomorrow in this country?

I’m not sure which will be a bigger headline if it happens – the inauguration or the snow.

BTW, to all my ‘blog buddies’ out there that have left recent comments to which I have not replied as of yet, I promise the replies are coming and thank you guys for being the best ‘blog buddies’ a guy can have.

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Driving School

11:46 – Driving back from the vet’s office with food for Patrick & Asher despite their plots to kill me while I sleep.

11:48 – Almost home.  See a cream colored Toyota heading directly for the front end of my land destroyer.

11:48.03 – Sounding horn, flashing lights, can’t see a head on the driver of the Toyota shaped missile headed my way.  Only see two hands.

11:48.05 – Pull into arbitrary stranger’s yard to avoid driving over Toyota shaped missile.  As unmanned vehicle passes, I realize it’s not a drone sent out by the military to kill me per my cats’ orders, it’s someone’s cute little grandmother seated well below the dashboard and driving down the middle of the street that she must own, flip-down sunglasses (it’s raining today), and be-bopping like she’s at a Madonna concert.

God, I love living here.

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Good morning Tampa

Was planning to sleep until 7:00 this morning but instead was awakened by the weather radio this morning at 5:44 to hear that we are under yet another tornado watch.

Winter here is usually pretty beautiful but this year has been a roller coaster ride thus far.  Thought I would share a picture I took of a Tampa morning under a tornado watch.

Kind of cool with the WordPress snow huh?


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