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Chilly Cindy McMaverick

I couldn’t believe the story I was reading this morning on the CNN Political Ticker about Cindy McCain and how viscious she thinks the media has been.


She’s going to point the finger at someone else?  As I recall, when Mrs. ‘McMaverick’ was at a campaign rally for her husband in Bethlehem, PA, she got viscious when she talked about the “cold chill that ran down her spine” when she found out that Senator Obama had not voted for funding for her two sons currently fighting for the U.S.

Wrong again!  Not only did he vote yes on the initial measure to provide funding for the troops, but also voted yes on 11 other occasions.  Where he did vote no is when the measure came back to the table without the appropriate language for a troop withdrawal.

Cindy McCain has been the poster child for unapproachable and chilly throughout this entire campaign.  Maybe she should take a few thousand of her millions and buy some emotions.  Maybe we’ll think she’s human then.

They shouldn’t have started their campaign this way and set the tone.  Afterall, if you dish it, you best be able to take it.  They’ve done a lot of dishing…so, I guess that opens them up for…

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