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My Stab @ 100

If you haven’t checked out In Repair or, WTF or The Good the Bad and the Ugly yet, you wouldn’t understand how insightful, entertaining, and well, real these two three blogs are.  And in that great spirit of real, both authors have raised the bar for interesting so I have to meet the challenge.

This is my stab at 100 things about me that you really don’t need to know, but if you read it, I’m gonna tell ya anyway…

  1. I LOVE music.
  2. Except country – only like a few country songs and yes, “Friends In Low Places” is one of them.
  3. I’m on my 3rd iPod.
  4. I sketch really well but haven’t picked up a pencil in 18 years.
  5. My partner and best friend is the same age as me.
  6. I have one sister.
  7. She’s having a baby.
  8. Her husband is Republican.
  9. I don’t understand why.
  10. My parents live in Ohio.
  11. Again, I don’t understand why.
  12. I love football.
  13. I play PS2 religiously.
  14. My favorite game is Star Wars Battlefront.
  15. I lost my faith when I was 16.
  16. I never got it back.
  17. I’m scared to death of rejection.
  18. I’ve been faced with a lot of rejection in my lifetime.
  19. I don’t drink that much normally.
  20. Last night I didn’t live by that rule.
  21. I love hanging out with friends and playing board games or cards.
  22. My favorite board game is “Acquire”.
  23. My favorite card game is “Spades”.
  24. I can play “Euchre” (pronounced yooker).
  25. Which means a large portion of my growing up years were spent in the midwest.
  26. My favorite vacation destination is Amsterdam.
  27. I would love for us to move there someday.
  28. Contrary to popular belief, my feelings get hurt very easily.
  29. I’m obsessed with new technology.
  30. I wish I had more money to buy all of the gadgets that I want.
  31. My current cell phone is a Blackberry.
  32. I don’t like it – think it’s too bulky.
  33. I pretend that I’m not afraid to die.
  34. I’m scared to death (ironic) of dying.
  35. I LOVE cake.
  36. Any kind except for spongecake.
  37. I usually gag when I brush my teeth.
  38. I’m embarrassed by that fact and try not to brush my teeth when my partner’s in the same room.
  39. I prefer showers over baths any day of the week.
  40. Cottage cheese makes me gag too.
  41. I wish that we would start calling ourselves Americans instead of some other race hyphen American.
  42. I despise tube socks.
  43. I only wear ankle socks.
  44. I wear Nike Shox when I workout.
  45. I use the elyptical machine for cardio because the treadmill hurts my knees.
  46. I think Rush Limbaugh is a mean-spirited individual and I feel sorry for him.
  47. I laugh when people fall (including myself).
  48. I stop laughing if they hurt themselves.
  49. I prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer.
  50. My favorite color is blue.
  51. But I don’t want to ever decorate with blue in our house again.
  52. I didn’t like living in Philadelphia.
  53. When I look back now, I probably wasn’t putting out good energy there.
  54. My favorite polo shirts are Ralph Lauren Classic Fit.
  55. My waist size and my age are only 1 number apart.
  56. I never wanted that to happen.
  57. I’m happy that the waist size is on the younger side of my age.
  58. I’ve got an unhealthy fear/phobia of snakes.
  59. I learned from a Game Trapper that most adults that fear snakes grew up in strict Christian households (Satan was a snake and the epitome of evil, therefore snakes are bad – get it?).
  60. I would like to get over that fear and just have a healthy respect for them instead.
  61. I think feet are unattractive including my own.
  62. I love living in Tampa.
  63. I sometimes wish that I didn’t think so much.
  64. I don’t think that Britney Spears is talented.
  65. I don’t get the whole Cher obsession.
  66. I’m obsessed with airplanes.
  67. I would really love to have the opportunity to fly on the A380.
  68. I would have loved to have been a pilot.
  69. I can’t because I’m a dichromatic color blind (red & green).
  70. I can see red and green.
  71. Just not together in a dot picture and the shade probably looks different to me than it does to you.
  72. I can’t decide whether to get a Wii or a PS3 when we actually have money again.
  73. By the time we have money again I should be able to afford both.
  74. I hate washing dishes by hand.
  75. Things floating in the water makes me gag.
  76. My partner thinks it’s funny when I gag because of floating dishwater particles.
  77. Reign of Fire is one of my favorite movies.
  78. I’ve inhaled in my lifetime – and I liked it.
  79. I would like to learn a martial art.
  80. I think I’m too old to start though.
  81. It pisses me off when people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  82. I don’t like to think about whether the people preparing my food in a restaurant have washed their hands – too scary.
  83. It takes me a long time to truly open up to people.
  84. I don’t like that about myself.
  85. That’s why I don’t have a lot of close friends.
  86. I will never go to a high school reunion – I honestly have zero desire to reconnect with anyone from high school.
  87. Spicy food makes me happy.
  88. I’m allergic to shellfish – late development at 30.
  89. It sucks because I love sushi and a lot of it includes shellfish.
  90. I have 3 tatoos.
  91. I want a lot more.
  92. If my cousin CJ doesn’t have kids, specifically a boy, that’s the end of our family name.
  93. I’m ok with that.
  94. I wouldn’t know CJ if he passed me on the street.
  95. I’m obviously not very close with my family.
  96. I’m ok with that too – but that took years.
  97. My favorite rollercoaster is the Magnum at Cedar Point, OH.
  98. I don’t really like wooden rollercoasters, but love steel coasters.
  99. I don’t care what anybody says – I LOVE Ikea and always will.
  100. I wanted to make number 100 something spectacular but I realized I could keep going.


  1. @34: Me, too.
    @37: I do that alot, especially in the morning.
    @35: Blasphemy!! Just kidding.
    @78: Ditto.
    @80: You’re definitely not too old to learn martial arts.
    @81: One of my all-time pet peeves.
    @86: The thought of high school gives me the heebie-jeebies. I only have contact with one of my school buddies, and she’s my cousin.

    Great list!! We do have lots in common, but you need to work on that Cher thing. 😆

    Comment by Brian | November 2, 2008

  2. D/Brian…
    55)my waist size and age are double digits apart but that just means i’m older than the two of you

    62-65) yes, yes, yes and yes (sorry Brian)
    90) i have four
    91) my girlfriend says no
    97 & 98) i feel the same way about rollercoasters that you feel about tube socks

    i love this list D!

    Comment by wutupdogg | November 2, 2008

  3. Oops. I hit the “3” instead of the “6” in my comment. My “blasphemy” remark referred to #65. You can correct my mistake and then delete this if you want.

    Comment by Brian | November 2, 2008

  4. Brian – Actually, I’m going to leave your original comment alone. #35 is about me loving cake to which your original comment was “Blasphemy”…that makes me laugh out loud because you’ve given my partner yet another word to use on me when I have my moment of weakness at Publix and sneak a cake into the shopping cart.

    I usually hear “Mooooo”, but I like the sound of “blasphemy” so much better…lol.

    LL – re: #62-#65 – I think we’ve outvoted Brian on these particularly volatile subjects so…WE WON, WE WON – hope you were using your inside voice when you announced it…lol

    Comment by deek1973 | November 3, 2008

  5. I had my own blasphemous moment of weakness today. We got donuts from a local deli and over the course of the work day, I ate six of them.

    As Jack from “Will & Grace” might say…. “Oh. My. Cher.”

    Comment by Brian | November 3, 2008

  6. Brian, Brian, Brian…I am so gonna not let you off the hook for the blasphemy that is eating six donuts in one day! “Oh my Cher” is right…

    I’m not madatcha, maybe a little jealous, but definitely not mad. At least you are not complaining about any outrageous gains in the waist department.

    Seriously, I can barely type this response because my fingers have become these fat, stubby protrusions that move independently of one another by just thinking about eating 6 donuts in one day.

    Comment by deek1973 | November 3, 2008

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