Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…

Oh great…I passed the test…

So, I’m writing this right before I leave to check myself into (shhh, I have to whisper this) the Betty Ford Clinic.  You see, my ‘blogmily’ member gbu2 wrote the most interesting post yesterday: Do You Think Like a Serial Killer.

And well, I just found out I do apparently.  Since I’ve got so many other shall we say, challenging compulsions, I figure I’ll just kill 22 birds with one rehab and ask at the desk whether they can treat me for this new found cerebral ability too.

Amy Winehouse has nothing on me I guess.

My new uniform

My new uniform

Anyhew, on to other news in my ever-so-exciting existence…

Last night, while we were having dinner, we stumbled across the movie “The Messengers” on Starz and watched the tail end.  I had forgotten that it was one of those movies that gives me those little prickly chills throughout my body at various times.

So, in one particularly prickly part, this is the conversation that transpired between me and ‘The Other One’ written in true gbu2 style:

Me:  I forgot how much this movie scared me.

The Other One:  How scared does it make you?

Me:  Like a really chubby kid in a grocery store that only sells rice cakes.

For the visual...

For the visual...

Me & The Other One:  (Silence for 3 seconds while the visual kicks in) ——————————>

Me & The Other One:  (Uncontrollable laughter)

Me:  (Between hearty laughs) Who am I kidding…like me in a grocery store that only sells rice cakes.

And that “friends” is all for today…

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Ruby Rocks!

Ok…I’m admitting to the world and to the blogosphere that “Ruby” is awesome!  I will admit that I was a complete skeptic about the show since I happen to be in the business of video production.  Initially, I thought it was ‘just another reality’ show.

But then I caught a little bit of an episode that aired last night about the design students that designed a new wardrobe for her.  And do you know what she said?  She said that she hopes that those students will find it with in themselves to consider others in a similar circumstance.

That’s when a single tear fell from my left eye.  I’m not being sarcastic…I’m being totally serious.  It takes a hell of a lot of courage to be on television, in front of those cameras and in front of those students and she did it all with grace and style.

So Ruby…if you ever read this, my hat’s off to ya!  Good luck with your program and I’m rootin’ for ya!

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Jennie-O Commercial

Yeah…this just makes me laugh.  Everytime.

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I don’t know who picks the accompanying music for Ugly Betty, but whoever it is, they are brilliant.  I was a little late in seeing the episode “Crush’d”.  I had to watch it on the ABC website last night because my DVR didn’t record it for some reason.

The song that ended the episode is “Look” by Sebastien Tellier and is incredible!  I have no idea what he’s saying nor have I found any sites with the lyrics, but this is a great track and definitely worth listening to!

I’ve put a homemade video that someone has done with the track….but the audio is good, so give it a listen.

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All Done

We voted today.  You’ll be happy to know that I am officially placing on hold my daily ‘McBidPalinobamatics’ until the election is over.

On to bigger more important news.  Daniel is doing some scheming on Ugly Betty.  Who knew?  Who is this Connor dude and poof-be-gone to evil Kimmie.  Good friggin’ riddance.

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