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2 Things

Happy weekend everybody!

First, I completely love this WordPress snow thing so, I’m changing the design slightly for a darker background…maybe I’ll go back to the old style when the snow stops falling.

Second, I feel completely out of touch that I missed this song by Rihanna until recently – “Hypnotized”.  Apparently it was only made available in Japan…not sure why.  Sent an email to Def Jam asking how to get the song and of course they ignored me…guess they’re pro-pirating.

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Can leotards bend that way?

There are no words to describe this.  I was going to say something like leave the dance routines to the big girls…but that somehow seems politically incorrect…so, I’m not going to say anything else except if you can watch this without cracking a smile, I need you to do my taxes this year, because that’s going to be even funnier.

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Wally a.k.a. Gotye

I’ve decided that weekends on this blog are either going to be about music or something pleasant – no bad energy.

In that spirit, I’ve waited far too long to write a post about Gotye.

“Aussies should pronounced Gotye as “gore-ti-yeah”, using that inimitably dry and elongated sound they call an “accent”!”

My favorite song by this talented guy is “Thanks for your Time” (click the link to the left to watch the video) and I am admittedly anxious about his arrival here in the states. My guess and hope is that he becomes hugely popular here…and of course I hope that he hires my company to do any videography work that he may need when he’s here…subtle underlying hint…subliminal.

**Private Note to Gotye if he ever stumbles across and reads this post**…Since I know that you may indeed be monitoring your Google moniker…yes, that was a shameless plug for my company, but only because I’m making a shameless plug for you. Cheering to the hopes that you’re working on an international release slated for the good ol’ USA.

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I don’t know who picks the accompanying music for Ugly Betty, but whoever it is, they are brilliant.  I was a little late in seeing the episode “Crush’d”.  I had to watch it on the ABC website last night because my DVR didn’t record it for some reason.

The song that ended the episode is “Look” by Sebastien Tellier and is incredible!  I have no idea what he’s saying nor have I found any sites with the lyrics, but this is a great track and definitely worth listening to!

I’ve put a homemade video that someone has done with the track….but the audio is good, so give it a listen.

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You might be rhythmically challenged if…

I’ve always gotten a kick out of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck if…” series.  And after stumbling across “Pose” by Daddy Yankee, I decided to start my own series called, “You might be rhythmically challenged if…”

Because if you can sit still while this song is playing, it’s not your fault…you just didn’t get the gene.  But don’t you worry…I’ll put it on repeat and clap on beat for you.  El mejor de todos los tiempos – or at least this week on my iPod.  Enjoy!

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