Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…

Oh great…I passed the test…

So, I’m writing this right before I leave to check myself into (shhh, I have to whisper this) the Betty Ford Clinic.  You see, my ‘blogmily’ member gbu2 wrote the most interesting post yesterday: Do You Think Like a Serial Killer.

And well, I just found out I do apparently.  Since I’ve got so many other shall we say, challenging compulsions, I figure I’ll just kill 22 birds with one rehab and ask at the desk whether they can treat me for this new found cerebral ability too.

Amy Winehouse has nothing on me I guess.

My new uniform

My new uniform

Anyhew, on to other news in my ever-so-exciting existence…

Last night, while we were having dinner, we stumbled across the movie “The Messengers” on Starz and watched the tail end.  I had forgotten that it was one of those movies that gives me those little prickly chills throughout my body at various times.

So, in one particularly prickly part, this is the conversation that transpired between me and ‘The Other One’ written in true gbu2 style:

Me:  I forgot how much this movie scared me.

The Other One:  How scared does it make you?

Me:  Like a really chubby kid in a grocery store that only sells rice cakes.

For the visual...

For the visual...

Me & The Other One:  (Silence for 3 seconds while the visual kicks in) ——————————>

Me & The Other One:  (Uncontrollable laughter)

Me:  (Between hearty laughs) Who am I kidding…like me in a grocery store that only sells rice cakes.

And that “friends” is all for today…

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I Fox’d up

What’s really swimming in my head right now is what’s going on with Catholic Rev Joseph Illo and what he’s said about Catholic Obama supporters and abortion.  But truth be known, I’m growing weary of all the fighting surrounding religion and politics.  My only question is, when did it become acceptable for religious organizations to become political machines instead of beacons of light for all that is good?

…stepping off soapbox now and moving onto something far less scary but equally categorized as horror…

So, we had friends in from out of town for Thanksgiving and we decided to make Sunday a movie day because if you can believe it – in Tampa, we had a tornado watch for the day…go figure.

We rented Zohan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Shutter.

Shutter is the shhhh####t.  I had heard nothing about this movie prior to visiting Blockbuster and after the urging we received from the awesome Blockbuster Videorista that suggested it, we watched it.

What a good movie!  If you haven’t seen it…definitely consider watching it…it really was good.  Call me Siskel, call me Ebert, or call me to watch it again at your house…

Oh, the title?  “I Fox’d up”…yeah about that…I realized that the movie is a Fox production and I’m kind of mad at Fox for some other reasons…so, if you’re operating under a similar Fox ban, simply wear a hat, sunglasses and dark clothing when you go out to rent it…nobody will recognize you.

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Alright – so I said I was done with horror flicks for the month…
Couldn’t resist watching Hatchet by Adam Green last night.  It’s gory, but you have to watch it.  At times, the script is just funny and at other times the suspense is really intense.

If you like the feeling you used to get when you watched the old school horror flicks, you’ll definitely like this one.  Plus, if you read the interview with Adam Green about his logic and theory behind the movie, it makes it all kind of worth it.

For my Florida peeps…Victor Crowley (the villain), kind of reminded me of R. Storms (FL Senate) in terms of fright factor…

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So many of our friends have already seen The Strangers.  We officially joined the ‘seen-the-strangers’ ranks last night.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie and you’re planning on watching it, I would NOT suggest reading any further so your experience isn’t ruined.

We had 7 people in the house, all the lights off, and kick-ass surround sound which definitely added to the imagery, if you will.  Definitely some good scares.  It was actually kind of funny because the scarier a scene got, the more all of us would yell at the screen about what people needed to do.

Anytime a movie is based on “true events” however, I find it irresistible to understand the circumstances behind the true event.  Thus started my quest for the “true events” this movie was based on.  What I found out was kind of disappointing.

***NOTE – The links contained in the next paragraph may be offensive to some due to their graphic discussion about Charles Manson and his criminal activity.

Some say that it was based on an experience that Bryan Bertino (Director) had himself but where nobody was actually hurt and others say it was based on Helter Skelter (The Manson murders).  Either way, definitely a movie worth watching and you can draw your own conclusions about its basis.

In my search however, I did stumble across a similar event that is the real deal, unsolved, scary story that happened in Northern California – 1981.  The Keddie Murders – this is a disturbing story and according to the ‘official’ website, they still haven’t found the suspects behind the gruesome assaults.

I have to tell you that I’ve certainly had my fill of horror and unsolved murder mysteries for the month…I’m going downstairs to see if The Flintstones are on.

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