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Why I love social media

This week has been active to say the least.  But in a good way.  I have to admit that I’ve learned so much in the span of 5 days that I don’t even know what to do with all of it.

I made a conscious decision to be more in tune with all of the social media avenues that I participate in and it has actually netted some results that show some promise.

First on my list, blogs of course.  It’s really strange to me how you can honestly forge relationships with people that you’ve never met, save for a daily dose of what’s going on in their world via their blog.  I haven’t been as diligent with this one as I was prior to the holidays and you know what?  My ‘blog buddies’ let me know.  How cool is that?

I even got a blog award from The Good the Bad and the Ugly to which I promptly replied, followed the rules and paid it forward to some other bloggers I truly appreciate (see the post before this one).  So here’s the kicker…I think I’ve figured out what to do for my business blogs to make them interesting.  Didn’t know that was possible until this week.

Second on my list – Facebook.  I have reconnected with some of my old US Airways friends from back in the day when I was a flight attendant for them.  It’s been so fun getting back in touch, finding out what’s going on their worlds and sharing what’s been going on in mine.  To all my ‘blog buddies’ out there.  If we haven’t connected on Facebook, send me a message and I’ll add you as a friend.

Third on my list, and probably the most interesting for me – Twitter.  I’ve always kind of held onto a little thought that as time progresses, we’re getting a little over-connected, but a single event changed that for me yesterday.  I flew for US Airways as a flight attendant for quite awhile and gave it up in 2003.  People that have never worked in the airline industry probably aren’t aware that it never leaves your blood.  I think about it – ALOT.  So, when I got my first ‘tweet’ yesterday and subsequent Facebook status update that US Airways flt 1549 had crashed, I got that instant sinking feeling and set out to find out what I could.

Here’s the cool part about it.  Before I ever got to the television, I had already received 3-4 ‘tweets’ from former flying mates about who was on the crew, that nobody was killed, and that everyone was going to be ok.  That is incredible to me!  I sometimes wonder how we made it through life before without the connection.  People can criticize all they want about it promoting laziness and being cold and whatever other negative connotations they’ve associated, but I went from an immediate feeling of sadness and worry to elation in under 5 minutes and that’s something CNN has never done for me.

So, if you’re interested in ‘tweeting’ with me or connecting on Facebook, send me a message.


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  1. WOW, I didn’t know you were a flight attendant…I always wanted to be a pilot 🙂
    But it never happened. I think that is so cool. BTW I have a facebook page…but I barely use it? What should I do?
    Anyways, excited for your comeback..I’ve missed you and WTF…kick him for me 🙂

    Comment by goodbadandugly2 | January 16, 2009

  2. Greetings – I’m re-entering the blog world.

    Yes – Facebook me, baby.

    I have yet to Twitter. No idea what it is or how it works and frankly, it scares me to have one more application in which I’m addicted (such as Facebook, Second Life, and non-blogging but getting back into it).

    Comment by sideon | January 20, 2009

  3. @Sideon – Glad you’re back to ‘blog world’! We certainly missed you!

    I’ll look you up on FB or send me the email or username that you’re using via email and I’ll search you that way.

    I can understand why Twitter would be scary, but once you get the hang of it and more importantly the hang of not letting it comprise your whole day, it’s actual quite the useful platform.

    Comment by deek1973 | January 21, 2009

  4. @gbu2 – Yes, I was a flight attendant. Ironically, I always wanted to be a pilot as well, but something about being a dichromatic color blind renders that dream useless.
    For FB, just look up my email address from previous comments to your blog and then add me as a friend. All I have to do is confirm you as a friend and we’re good to go.
    WTF will definitely be back soon, but there have been some unfortunate family circumstances to deal with lately…

    Comment by deek1973 | January 21, 2009

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