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Shop-to-Earn or don’t…

I received two invitations to become a part of Shop-to-Earn today ironically (‘Twofer Tuesday’).  One was from a trusted friend and the other from a business owner (not related to STE) in an email blast via a business network that I belong to.

I watched the overview video and found it somewhat interesting, but then I did what every other person considering this venture should do.  I researched it.

Since I’m not signed up, I can only share what my research found and my opinion.

What I learned is that it is indeed an MLM business model.  There is an opportunity to make at least a small amount of money, but you have to recruit.  The commission structure is somewhat complicated in that there are ‘left and rights’ and ‘balances’ and all kinds of other criteria that must be met to make money.

Basically, I’ve gathered that you are granted a website after making a $400+ dollar investment in which people can shop online from your website and you’ll subsequently make money from them.  The bigger reward money is made by recruiting, recruiting, recruiting others into your organization.

Now, everything following is merely my opinion of why I won’t become an STE member, but should have no bearing on anyone else, save for caveat emptor.

First, in this down economy we have learned to be very frugal with our purchases and we research everything including where we can get the lowest prices for the items that we regularly purchase.  Sometimes those purchases are made online and sometimes they’re made at a ‘brick-and-mortar’.  The point is that although there is a market for shopping online, we have not yet, nor are we close to reaching a place where nearly everything we purchase will be done online.  With a $100 monthly commitment to purchase products through the website that you would be granted by becoming an STE ‘broker’, that initial investment really becomes $400+ in addition to $1,200 in annual purchases and somewhere around $112 to renew annually.  STE supporters generally counter with the benefit of cash back for purchases but that’s already available with some credit cards, loyalty programs and other free programs.

Next, nobody in the forums (STE ‘brokers’) seems to discuss the tax repercussions of ‘owning their own business.’  Since STE technically owns the website and merely grants you access and usage rights for that  website, it seems that some would-be-buyers are not taking into account that they are still generating income for which they will have the tax liability as a 1099 independent contractor.  If they’re business savvy enough to set up some type of corporate entity, there is yet another expense.  Even if you ‘do-it-yourself’ and don’t solicit the help of an attorney, there are fees associated with setting up a corporation which would provide the best tax scenario.

I noticed that there was quite a bit of argument about the validity of the business and whether or not it’s a scam.  I don’t feel that it’s a scam because people aren’t forced to join.  People have a choice to be involved or they have the choice not to.  I’m choosing not to because it’s my belief that only a small percentage of those involved with this will indeed reach the earning levels used to rope you in.  I also think that people would be foolish to think that someone is solely looking out for their best interests by getting them involved with this.

Which leads me to my next reason for wanting no assoication with STE.  Since we all have choices, I wouldn’t choose to try to persuade my friends or relatives into changing their shopping habits to exclusively shop via my online web portal.  I wouldn’t choose to persuade my friends or relatives to get involved with something that requires a lot of work and time with only the hope of reward (the payoff is not necessarily commensurate with the amount of time and effort put into it).

But most importantly, the nagging question that I’ve had for every MLM opportunity that I’ve been confronted (and I do mean confronted) with is this: what happens when the bubble bursts?  It always does.

In this day and age, unless something is so revolutionary, there is always a way to do things less expensively.  For example, VM Direct is an MLM organization that touts video email and video social networking.  The problem with it is that you have to pay nearly $700 to join and then you have to attend weekly meetings, recruit, recruit, recruit, and build a huge team of people that must be successful to make it through the 15 ranks available.  Sadly, I learned the hard way that I could do the same thing for free or virtually free with technology that is already widely available.  Fortunately, I got my money back and managed to learn a valuable lesson.

I guess what this all boils down to for me is very simple: people are getting smarter on a daily basis due in part to the freakish amount of information available to us at any given second of the day.  There will be some who feel that this is the next best thing and it’s worth every penny.  There will be others like me who would rather not give STE $400+ dollars and instead continue to find shopping deals on my own…just like I’ve been doing all along.

Why did I post this?  Mostly because I sincerely hope that people take advantage of the information that is available to them prior to making any decision either for or against Shop-to-Earn.

For some interesting reading Google “Shop to Earn”.  I opted to not place any links in this post because I cannot state it any clearer, we all have a choice and research is the best way to make a decision so research away and draw your own conclusions.


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  1. The recruiting part totally turns me off. I despise being recruited. I hate pressure, even if it’s just peer pressure. I would never do that to anyone else.

    I like your conclusion: we all have a choice, and we should rely on our own research.

    Comment by Doug | December 3, 2008

  2. Doug – I couldn’t agree with you more. Somehow the recruiting part just seems evil. I’ve always tried to live by the mantra of better to have the ability to influence then to have to persuade.

    Comment by deek1973 | December 3, 2008

  3. same here, i cannot stand recruiting part..

    it’s pretty awesome post, thanks for sharing..

    Comment by Linn | December 4, 2008

  4. Linn – thanks for your comments. You have a pretty interesting blog.

    Comment by deek1973 | December 4, 2008

  5. I did a quick search on it as well. And one comment I found read “I just don’t want to be known as ‘that guy'”. We all know “that guy” –he or she has a new “business opportunity” every other month. And … “You too can be a part of that great opportunity if you attend a series of regular cult meetings and pay your monthly fees (after you “buy-in” to the opportunity, of course).”

    Beyond all of the points and comments made here (with which I agree!), I don’t want to be “that guy” either!

    Comment by The Other One | December 4, 2008

  6. The Other One – “cult meetings” huh? tell us how you really feel…lol

    Comment by deek1973 | December 4, 2008

  7. Cult? that’ silly.
    I like that your blog is trying to be polite and logical, but sorry, but there is lots of mis-information in your initial blog – especially the recruiting and the $100 a month spending requirement.
    This is all about selling a product – a cash-back web portal that has access to 600+ stores. The web-portal works great. If you shop on-line a lot, you may like it. Personally I already received well over the $448 in cash-back shopping in 7 months. AND I also made close to $75k for myself with the business opportunity side. People seem to love this and I now have over 1,300 people in my business from just directly selling/referring 23 web-sites. Every day I log on see more and more people, and I will make over-rides on their shopping forever.

    You do not have to spend $100 a month, or any money for that matter on the EARTH side until you are into your 3rd month AND only if you are receiving ‘score’ commissions for that particular month. You do NOT have to spend on the EARTH side to get your cash-back for shopping – you don’t even have to shop on the EARTH side to get your $100 referral fees. ONLY when you are scoring commissions are you required to spend $100 on the healthy EARTH store. Btw, a score is $550 and I am on track to ‘score’ about 40 times in December. So yes I need to spend $100 this month, but I get $ 20 cash back AND I get $100 of earth-friendly and healthy products delivered. Not so bad. So basically my fist score is not $550, its realy only $450. I basically take $100 of their commissions and spend it on their web-site. I can live with that. The other $20,000 I get to keep and do as I please. Taxes? yes, you have to pay taxes on income . . . that’s just the way it is.

    Each month my income will keep rising . . and their is nothing I can do about it.

    Comment by joe | December 14, 2008

  8. joe – it sounds like you’ve been very successful with Shop-to-Earn. I wish you continued success.

    Comment by deek1973 | December 15, 2008

  9. I am in shop to earn now for over two months. I really like it and have seen many pp make a lot of money. For $448.00 where else can you start a new business? You own your own website and are the CEO of your own company. You really do not understand the business unless you are involved for a couple of months So you really do not get it to comment and judge such an outstanding business model. I have seen many negative blogs and this is sad that so many of you choose to be negative about something that gives pp an opportunity to make money. Yes, Unlimited income. Most of you go to work and make the same amount of money every week every month and every year. Having two business and trying something new is a way to become financially independent and help other pp. Every day every week every month and every year you buy staples we all spend 100 per month on staples so why not spend it with STE. make money pts, and bonuses. You who said its 1/3 on each side are incorrect it is one third on one side. I just scored and made an extra 550 bonus for making my pts in two months. I am happy to have the extra money as most pp would be. This has been checked out by attorneys and is a legitamate business. You pay taxes to own any business and accts receivable and payable. This does not have accts receivable and payable. I have a friend involved and her fourth check was $7,200.00. STE does not push pp to join we explain a brilliant business model and help pp make money. Most business are a pyamid. Except with STE. we all have the opportunity to run our own business the way we choose too, in the time we choose too and can stop anytime we want IF WE CHOOSE TOO. I will send you all a check on line when I am making over six digits a month. For those of you who read this Keep the positive energy flowing and hang with the pp who are going to help you make a difference in a postive way in your life.
    No pushing here just hands on experience so I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. We were on MSNBC ON Thanksgiving Helping those less fortunate. Hmm we must be doing something right.
    Bless you all
    Happy Holidays…

    Comment by Susan | December 18, 2008

  10. Susan – Thank you for your response. I should clarify that I approved your comment because everyone is entitled to their opinion and you chose to share yours. I would however, like to make a few things clear that unfortunately got muddled by your response.

    1) You do not own your website unless you own the URL and the hosting. Therefore, just because STE grants you the rights to utilize a site branded for you by them, it does not mean that you own it. If STE shut down tomorrow, so would your website.

    2) Ironically, I currently own 2 businesses. I am indeed the CEO and I have the ability to make unlimited income as well. However, that depends on my ability to generate business, maintain cash flow, and provide exceptional service to my clients. I cannot control the economy and/or consumer spending habits so those are variables which every business owner including you should be well aware of.

    3) I have every right to comment about my findings in the research that I’ve done. What you should understand is that this is my personal blog which gives me the right to say anything I’d like to say, but does not give you the right to tell me otherwise. If you’d like to validate your decision to be a part of STE, then you should and are welcome to start your own blog.

    4) It would be unfair of me to criticize you for an inability to observe my neutrality on the STE subject, so I’ll just remind you that the point that resonated throughout my post was that people should make their own decisions based on their own research, not the opinion of a 2-month rookie in the business.

    5) Your mention of STE being checked out by attorneys means what? Cigarette smoking has been checked out by attorneys and that doesn’t mean that it’s now an acceptable risk.

    6) You absolutely push people to join. There is no other way to describe it. People are talked into doing things like this with the hope that they will be as successful as your $7,200 friend, only to find that a mere 6% of the people that get involved with an MLM model are successful. Your statement that STE is an exception because you have choices is really no different than any other business. Those of us fortunate enough to own our own non-MLM businesses have the same free will to stop at anytime as well.

    7) Lastly, I wrote that post to share why I will not be a part of STE. I did not say that anyone else should not unless that was their choice after researching it. So, I would caution you as a business owner to take the time to understand an objection and the reasoning behind it so that you can intelligently speak to those reasons. Your comments were full of misspellings, incorrect usage of the word “too” and grammatical errors. That alone would make someone like me and likely many other thinking persons question the legitimacy of a venture explained by someone so new to the game.

    Lastly, if you are genuinely helping people, then I wish you all the best. If your reason for commenting was to correct me on a neutral post, then you were unsuccessful and only showed your inability to surmise the true meaning behind a communication.

    In this current economic climate, I would certainly rather see people succeed and do well rather than to fail. So Susan, if you can make STE successful for you, more power to you.

    Happy Holidays to you as well…

    Comment by deek1973 | December 18, 2008

  11. I have to admit, I was completely amused by Susan’s post (…Happy Holidays, Susan!). While I think all of the substantive points have been covered by deek, I would like to note that not since “…also-too-maybe-youbetcha-MAVERICK-Palin…” have I seen such an eloquent use of the English language. Well, except for yesterday when I saw Bush ‘conversate’ with a reporter on TV — but he no longer exists to me, so I ignore him. Thanks, Susan. I needed that! LOL

    Comment by The Other One | December 19, 2008

  12. Hi Everyone, I am a STE Broker for 3 months and have already made over $11,500.00 and currently have 175 team members who are all getting paid for their efforts. If you join, don’t train and don’t work, you more than likely will fail at this or any business for that matter. If you are a doctor and want to become a lawyer, you have to go back to school right? Well this is the problem, many people have no idea how much they should have in their check every month because they didn’t train. I have made the exact amount in my first 2 checks that I expected to have and have actually gotten paid early, each time. You guys need to stop this and get the facts. I encourage each and everyone of you that have a concern about Shop to Earn to email me or call me so I can set the record straight. You absolutely cannot bring me down with anything in the world you could possibly say because this company is in no way shape or form an illegal scam. Get a life guys and get out of your own way. You are not hurting anyone else but your own Karma..remember what goes around comes around. Learn to think positive and believe that there is still good in this world, Shop to Earn is definitely one of those “goods”. Bottom line.

    Comment by Kaye | January 21, 2009

  13. @Kaye – Thank you for your message. I’m glad that you and your team members are doing well with STE. You are correct in stating that you have to work at something to be successful at it.

    Where I am drawing the line is your incorrect presumption to tell people that they “have to stop” anything on my blog. This is a right-to-express country and quite frankly, what I originally expressed and all of the readers’ comments thereafter were in no way shape or form harmful to you or anybody else associated with STE. Because if it were, you wouldn’t be claiming to be so successful.

    Nobody has called it an illegal scam and the mere fact that you feel the need to defend it, makes you appear guilty. And while we’re speaking frankly, nobody is trying to bring you down. We don’t even know you. So, best of luck to you and enjoy spending your time doing ‘good’ as you called it, instead of wasting unnecessary space on people’s personal blogs.

    One last suggestion – I did not and will not approve your second comment because this is not a space for you to advertise. It’s obvious that you’ve got your own web real estate, so people should be able to find you based on the way you are optimized, not on this blog.

    My best to you and your team.

    Comment by deek1973 | January 21, 2009

  14. Oh my gosh Derek, please. You took my email totally wrong..wow. First, I didn’t say to stop this to tell anyone what to do or take away your “freedom of speech” for crying out loud chill out. I said it to encourage you guys to educate yourselves before inserting thy foot you know what I mean…there is an old saying “those that thinketh by the inch, but speaketh by the yard, should be kicketh by the foot” lol. Come on now, do you guys not want to get the facts before just rattling off and talking about things you are not educated on? Secondly, I only posted my contact info so that people can contact me to address their concerns. I didn’t do it to “advertise” anything. Can I put my email address so that people can at least write me or will you ban that too? This is funny..sorry, but it is…these blogs are a trip.

    Comment by Kaye | January 21, 2009

  15. I also wanted to comment on the aspect of “recruiting” because of your comments regarding same…Tell me something, what does the military do? Do they not recruit all day? What do you think any sales position does whether it is a auto or vacuum salesperson? Those companies recruit all day long and they only get paid on their sales/efforts etc. the same way. Also if you say well I am not a sales person, well that’s all how realistic our perspective is because whether you are trying to get through an interview or your future father in law – you are selling yourself. What I see in this business is I am simply sharing the business with the people I love and want to have them also prosper as I have. My niece who is 20 years old, going to school full time to be a pharmacist and working full time for Walgreens has already made $3400 in her first 2 months..she told me she made more with this than she does at walgreens. It works, if you work it! Just like any other business – it’s pretty simple don’t you think?

    Comment by Kaye | January 21, 2009

  16. Wow! I just got done reading your blog as well as all of the comments. I’m not understanding how or why all of the STE people got so defensive and so clearly misread your initial blog. Not once did I feel that you were saying that this is a scam or even something I shouldn’t look into if it seems it would fit my lifestyle. I also find it interesting how they all had to say what good they do with their business like you don’t. Really, people. This is a personal blog with OPINIONS. He didn’t try to bring you down or discredit you in any way shape or form. He simply put what his own personal experiences and research has led him to conclude. Personally, after reading what you guys wrote I’d rather make my money with Mary Kay then try the STE way because I see on a daily basis the good they do as well as know the potential money you can make with it. Oh and Karma works both ways.

    Comment by Al | January 21, 2009

  17. @Kaye – Here’s the thing. You can sit and talk about this until you’re blue in the face and it won’t change my mind or anyone else who has decided that they don’t want to do it. If someone DOES decide they want to do it then they will. If you are constantly in the position of having to defend your position, then maybe it’s you that’s actually questioning what you’re doing. You see, no amount of debate on the subject will sway me into doing it because I don’t want to. It has nothing to do with being a salesman or not. I already own 2 businesses that I built with my hands and no help from some mlm scheme. So again, I will tell you the same thing I told you last time – I’m happy for you and your team. Go continue to be successful for STE, but if you need to convince somebody that it’s the right thing to do, it should be done on your blog.

    Comment by deek1973 | January 22, 2009

  18. Wow, pretty interesting. So many people want to trash something they never did and don’t have much knowledge on and when someone comes to correct and/or give their input, they are told to go elsewhere…wow. That’s enough said right there. I know no one can try to complain about STE now, because of the fact that they are just doing that, complaining. They probably complain about every miniscule thing that they have not too much knowledge on also. It’s like not going to see a movie and criticizing it…I hope that there are some actual sensible blogs out there one day. This is not one of them.

    Comment by Kaye | January 22, 2009

  19. @Kaye – Ordinarily I would delete comments if I felt that the intent were just to be mean. I don’t think that your comments were intended that way, so I’m happy to leave your most recent. While I don’t see eye-to-eye with you on STE, I will say however that I admire your tenacity and willingness to stand firm for something you believe in.

    It’s not necessary to call this blog insensible though. Truth be known, this one is a personal blog and was not intended to necessarily be sensible, but instead to allow me a place to vent. Hence the name “Swimming in My Head”. I actively run 6 other blogs – all business related and they are indeed sensible.

    I don’t want you to walk away thinking that you’re being attacked because quite frankly I like and admire people who stir discussion. You just have to remember to be prepared for the ensuing argument. So, all of that said, let’s talk about something else and if you’d like to leave your email – only your email for people to contact you, I think that’s fair. But I am respectfully asking that you not put a link to your STE website on here.

    Comment by deek1973 | January 22, 2009

  20. I thank you for your allowing me to post my comments openly. That Author woman, Tracy did not afford me the same courtesy due to my exposing what I felt, was her ulterior motive behind her actions, which is mainly to promote her book.

    Your intentionality may be simple, but think about it for a second and if I may ask. What did Shop to Earn do to you? Did they harass you, did they force you to do something unethical etc. I am sure they didn’t and your friends, man, how could you do this to them Derek? They trusted you and thought they would be helping you as this company has helped so many thousands of good ol’ honest to goodness people and you turn around and place a negative blog about the company, thus hurting something, just because you didn’t want to do it?

    How would you like it if you offered one of your clients your business card and gave them your presentation and they turned around and posted a public negative blog – simply because they wanted to “vent”. Let’s be fair here to STE, we did nothing to you so that is why we don’t appreciate things like this. I am sorry you feel the way you do, but honestly, did you give it a fair shake? In the scheme of things, is $448 a lot of money? I spend that on dinner sometimes and what do I get back other than maybe a decent meal.

    This $448 can potentially make you a millionaire which there are 50 new millionaires in our company this year and they are all average Joe’s..not some typhoon businessman where the rich are getting richer. You own your own business and you know the investment is far greater if you have a traditional “brick and mortar” if not, there are always costs in doing business.

    STE does not require much from us, but it is giving much back..including the Shop To Earn Foundation that has helped families that were going to lose their homes due to foreclosure etc. amongst other things. What company opens and within a few years start to contribute to society in such a generous way?

    These are just some other things to “swim around” in your head. Thank you again for allowing my input and my email for you or anyone for that matter to write me.. I promise I have no intentions to “recruit” you as my small team keeps me quite busy 🙂 If you guys want to discuss the facts though, from an actual broker, feel free to do so at nfs.kg@hotmail.com. Blessings to you Derek.

    Comment by Kaye | January 22, 2009

  21. and…lights out, camera off…

    Comment by The Other One | January 22, 2009

  22. I just wanted to say that I’ve been considering STE for a few days and I’ve been researching what people have to say about it. The theme I see that rings in these comments is focused solely on the MLM aspect and not how you easily spend $100 per month at these merchants so why not become a broker and make a percentage back on what you buy. If you consider the amount you spend on gas, coupon clipping, energy trying to find the best deal by going outside of your house when you can do all of that online and more than likely get it shipped to your house for free, try it.
    You don’t need to fork out the money to be a broker but everyone gets “jealous” at the mere suggestion of supporting a friend’s STE site by going through their portal where you can easily become a “VIP member” and still benefit – just that you’re envious that they invested the $448 to have the residual income from what you buy.
    Now, I’m still not sure what my ultimate decision will be but I also know for a fact that a friend of mine who signed up is hurting for money. She wanted to see how it worked and went in to buy “gift certificates” for dinner at restuarants.com and she was able to purchase a $50 certificate for dinner. There are so many coupons you can utilize in addition to the cash back that you get on your purchases and others’ who shop on your site. It takes little effort to do a little searching and find great buys through this and you already shop at these merchants.
    Now, my curiosity lies with the tax advantages associated. I haven’t seen much stating how it works and if they provide the EOY statements or how we are considered Business Owners in this venture.
    Also, I found that there is another site, MyPowerMall, very similar and I would like to know if it’s better because they claim to be International.
    With everything we chose to do, we decided if we will succeed or fail by our thoughts, words, and our actions.
    If you want to succeed, you must put forth effort.
    I have not had anyone try to push me on this and I don’t plan to push anyone else on this.
    If you see the benefit, great. If not, no big deal… ;~)
    We’re all responsible for our own actions and not those of others! Love to all…

    Comment by Lana | February 21, 2009

  23. @Lana – If you make the decision to go ahead with STE, I hope that it does indeed work out for you and that you’re able to do things that you want to do. Very insightful comments and thank you for sharing your thoughts. All the best.

    Comment by deek1973 | February 25, 2009

  24. I am not sold on alienating my friends and family. You know; the one they don’t want to be around because you’ll bring up STE or any other MLM. Maybe it’s just because “sales” is not for me? I have read several blogs though and the things no one writes about is the amount of time spent trying to recruit others. I have a life and time is money at work, I am very cautious were I spend “other” time. Then they want you to go to all their meetings and spend more time on all the training calls. (Their meetings by the way are starting to charge for showing up too) Yes, I do believe there is a growing presence on the net. But I know I get cabin fever if I stay in my house to shop all the time. I like to get out to the stores once in a while, it can be therapeutic. Also consider the money you get back on items you buy on STE. Well, I get money back no matter where I buy. There are also websites similar with discounts the same. One STE hopeful wrote “but those other websites don’t have a compensation plan like STE.” True, but STE needs people in your down line to really make any money. Therefore, if you can save as much money, and often times more (I do all the time) from other sites or actually going to brick and mortar stores (yes it includes gas, wear on car, etc) per actual items bought, without the down line, it would be pointless. Now stay with me here….. If I can find better deals outside STE for myself, then other people can too. So making money off a down line in STE, is making others pay more for items than they might find elsewhere and so on. Sooner or later the last several people in the game have no benefit. If they have no real benefit, they drop out and the whole thing unravels. It is doubtful this would completely happen though because of the hardnosed ones that stay with it for years never getting anywhere but wasting a lot of time, or the ones that don’t realize the 3-5% the get back on home Depot, I believe they pay taxes on so it’s actually less and I get coupons all the time for Home Depot for 5-10% off in the store. Other stores are the same way. I applaud those that stick with it and/or have the right connections to make it work for them. Hopefully they will have enough decency in them to somehow give back after they make their millions. For the larger majority out there that never really make much, a few thousand here or there over the years, please put a price tag on your time. It is precious and something you will never get back. People will tell you how Thomas Edison tried 90 times to make the light bulb, becoming one of the greatest inventions, so never give up…… They don’t tell you about the THOUSANDS of others that try similar inventions and lost everything. Sales is largely about hype. I am more of a realist and I am not comfortable pushing the people I really care about making them uncomfortable into something that I see is a marginable purchasing outlet, that the only way it is truly beneficial is if you sign others up……..

    Comment by dan | February 27, 2009

  25. I LOVE shop to earn. I was not interested at all back in May of 2008, and then I basically bought a website to placate my friend . . . but then I took a closer look and did some research and it hit me. The time is now. EVERYONE has high-speed internet access at home, people are looking to save and /or make money – and if you are not trying to go green or at least say you are, many people will ostracize you. So this wonderful company has many things going for it.

    Let’s set this straight . . . their is no RECRUITING. This is not a club or membership . . . people are buying their own cash-back web portals. Tell a friend and get $100 every time, don’t tell a friend and just shop and shop and get your own cash back. Simple.
    I’ve taken the ball and run with it. I referred 26 people back in June/July and now I have over 2,650 people in my biz and I made more than $20k a month for the last 3 months in a row. BUT just as impressive, I’ve also created significant incomes for 100s of others. There is no free ride, if you want to make big money you need effort. But its never been easier than today and with shop to earn.

    I have found this all most rewarding and fulfulling. I’ve become a coach and an inspiration to others and I have met 100’s of great people. I didn’t expect all that . . . but its a blessing!

    Comment by j | February 27, 2009

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