Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…

The Conspiracy

So, last night we watched one of my favorite shows – Criminal Minds.  They made a reference during this episode that dream analyses were kind of a joke.  Well, wouldn’t you know it…I had some crazy dreams and I remembered one of them.  I’m going to share it now…

Picture this…I’m in Las Vegas at the Venetian, in their casino.  All of a sudden, all of the guests started turning into vampires.  And for every non-vampire, there were like 3 vampires, so there was a pretty steady conversion rate.  Somehow, I became the anti-pire and was fighting them all by myself.

It was sort of a cross between Blade and my real personality, so let’s call me Glade…don’t want to digresss.

So Glade (me) is using chairs and slot machines to fight off the minions and I’m winning until the leader who for some reason was my friend Laura from Miami, scissor-kicks me, knocks me to the ground and is getting ready to bite my neck…

Now, this is where it gets spooky…as she’s getting ready to turn me to the dark side, I feel this tightness in my chest and I’m having a hard time breathing…literally.  I open my eyes at the moment and I kid you not, Patrick, our youngest cat is standing on my chest, looking me square in my eyes.

He’s trying to kill me!  It’s a conspiracy…our cat is trying to kill me…


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  1. That is awesome! He is trying to kill you! 🙂
    Cats know EXACTLY what they are doing! 🙂

    Comment by goodbadandugly2 | November 20, 2008

  2. my dreams are nothing like yours…in my dreams i’m playing the drums naked…in my closet

    Comment by wutupdogg | November 20, 2008

  3. gbu2 – I lived to tell that the conspiracy may be over at least for this week as I was able to get up this morning without injury…although, I pulled a cat hair out of my eyebrow…he does know EXACTLY what he’s doing doesn’t he?

    Comment by deek1973 | November 21, 2008

  4. wutupdogg – you have managed to catch me in one of those rare moments where i don’t know what to say…i have laughed so hard about that one comment both last night and this morning…and well, pump up the frequency cuz i hear a dark beat coming from somebody’s closet…

    Comment by deek1973 | November 21, 2008

  5. Your cat is cool… 😉
    Not because he is trying to kill you but because of how stealth like he is!

    Comment by goodbadandugly2 | November 21, 2008

  6. I had a dream about a tornado going back and forth across a city, like a giant pendulum. We (I was with my aunt and cousins on the deck) were watching the debris and destruction, and it never got closer to us, but I remember their fear and terror were high enough that it woke me up to the wind was blowing in from an open window.

    Glade, eh? 🙂 That cracked me up.

    Comment by sideon | November 21, 2008

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