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Vernon’s got nothing on Rexburg

On the heels of my rant about 2 ignoramuses from Vernon, AL, I stumbled across an article about some 2nd graders in Rexburg, ID that were chanting “assassinate Obama” on the school bus.

Madison County Idaho, home of Brigham Young University – a Mormon school.

Since I use my blog as my place to vent, I’m going to do just that right now.

First of all, 2nd graders can’t come up with something as sinister as “assassination” all by themselves.  That’s parent-talk if I’ve ever heard it.  It’s painfully obvious that there are a lot of people that are not fit to be parents and this is proof.  Interestingly, the parents behind this kind of talk, are probably the same ones who would complain about crime rates and how others act.

When did we lose our ability to have compassion, regard, or respect for our fellow humans only to be replaced with lip service of being god-fearing, law-abiding citizens?

Hey Gail McDaniel, how come you don’t see this as aggression?  Is it ok to be more aggressive or better yet, hateful as long as the people exhibiting the behavior, look like you?

On my worst day of disliking G.W. Bush, I have NEVER said that I wish he were assassinated, nor would I ever.  I don’t wish death on anyone including those that don’t like me for no viable reason.

What I will say is that I’m disgusted by the very concept of 7 and 8 year old American children chanting words that they shouldn’t even be uttering.  More importantly, if the influence happens to be religious and specifically Mormon, I sincerely hope that people recognize this for what it is as anything but done in the spirit of love.


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  1. Here’s what I don’t understand – what did the bus driver do while this was taking place? He or she should have pulled over, stopped the bus and dialed 911. WTF! This is unacceptable behavior in any event, but for it to take place among children of this age is unimaginable! I read a comment to the original article suggesting that the secret service interview the parents of these children. They are the ones at fault here — and I agree. I would consider this a threat and it should be treated as such! Place them on a watch list! Tap their phones! Publish their names in the newspaper! They are a risk to national security!

    Comment by The Other One | November 15, 2008

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