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Philadelphia ‘Phans’ – ‘Phightin’ Mad

As a former resident of Philadelphia and sports fan, I’ve definitely witnessed the phenomenon which can only be described as unique when it comes to game behavior for any sport.

I remember when I first moved there and I was walking down the street with a Cowboys sweatshirt on and literally got accosted.  I never quite ‘fit in’ throughout my 7 years of living there because I just didn’t get that angry.

The point of this rambling is CNN had an article about the Philly ‘Phans’ booing Joe Biden at the Eagles v Giants game.  I’m just curious why?  It certainly wasn’t his fault that they lost.  Philadelphia is definitely a democratic city.  So, what’s the deal?  My guess is that this is part truth, part drama – I’m hoping that they were already booing when the shot of Joe Biden was flashed and the media is just drumming some juice.

If it is true however, I’m literally just curious to understand the mindset.  I don’t know whether having the title for the city with the ‘phighting’ fans is all that awesome…just curious.


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