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Can we do that?

So we got a phone call on our home phone last night.  Newsworthy – no, but those who know us know that the only reason we ever use that phone is if someone is at the gate to the subdivision or to order a pizza.

BUT, we’re also registered on the national and state ‘do-not-call’ registries and we got an autobot call from Governor Charlie Crist soliciting our vote for the Republican party.

According to the FCC rules:

“Calls using artificial or prerecorded voice messages – including those that do not use autodialers – may not be made to home phone numbers except for:

  • emergency calls needed to ensure the consumer’s health and safety;

  • calls for which you have given prior express consent;

  • non-commercial calls;

  • calls that don’t include or introduce any unsolicited advertisements or constitute telephone solicitations;

  • calls by, or on behalf of, tax-exempt non-profit organizations; or

  • calls from entities with which you have an EBR.”

So, since the Republican party and/or Governor Crist’s reason for calling wasn’t to ensure our health or safety, we didn’t give prior consent, it was definitely a commercial call, it was definitely a solicitation and an advertisement, the organization isn’t a non-profit, and we don’t know what the hell “EBR” means but it’s not us, doesn’t that breach the FCC rules for compliance with the ‘do-not-call’ registry?

I would say yes, so I wonder if we can file a complaint against Governor Crist or the Republican party?

Just wondering…


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  1. EBR = Established Business Relationship. And we definitely do NOT have an EBR with the Republican party! LOL

    Comment by The Other One | November 3, 2008

  2. The Other One – All I can say is: That “my friends” is why I’m not running for President. I don’t understand the meaning of acronyms or is that the economy? Thanks for clearing that up for me…glad to be the sidekick in this case.

    Comment by deek1973 | November 3, 2008

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