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Ok…I said I wouldn’t do anymore political talk until after tomorrow but I succumbed to it.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I’m an information junkie.  I read people’s blogs and I read their comments.  I read CNN’s blog, HuffPo, The Cafferty File and watch Rachel Maddow.  I’m addicted!

I admit it but I guess that means I only have 11 more steps to go right?

Here’s my beef…I just read an article off the CNN Political Ticker that to paraphrase, said that Senator Obama believes that some of the attacks on his wife Michelle have been out of line.  I agree with him.  However, I also feel that when you’re in the public spotlight, you have to be able to deal with the sometimes unwanted possibility that the people closest to you will also have to face publicity, even negative.

It’s so not the article that made me jump on my now extended body part called WordPress, it was the comments that followed the article.  There are people that agreed with Senator Obama, and people that didn’t agree with Senator Obama.  I’m ok with both of those types.

It’s these self-righteous, hypocritical jerks that have been so vocal about their ignorance and hatred for others and are too big of a coward to admit why they don’t like him, his family, or the thought of him leading our country.

I’ll admit that I’ve taken ‘pot-shots’ at McCain, his wife and Palin and have said very little negatively toward Obama and Biden.  But the reality is that I’ve not seen them try to scare anybody into believing the way that they do.

It’s no surprise to me that the ultra-conservative right is religious and in many cases, Republican.  Religious extremists have used fear to garner and maintain membership for years (i.e. hell).  **NOTE** For any Rep’s out there that want to tear this apart, note the emphasis placed on certain words – don’t take it out of context.  Better yet, if you don’t fit the mold that I’m talking about, don’t take it personally – doesn’t apply to you.

Hell.  There is not one single, documented eyewitness account of a burning place where people are tortured, yet millions of people believe in its existence.  Why have we been so conditioned to just accept something that is speculative because it’s in the bible?

Most people don’t live other aspects of their lives based on speculation, they base it on experience.  Think about it…boys are told speculative things like don’t masturbate because you’ll get hair on your palms or you’ll go to hell.  Lo and behold, most boys/men masturbate and not one of them has the hairy palms or reward points for their suite in hell to show for it.  And guess what?  Once they figure out that the whole hairy palms thing is bull shitake, and that the hell thing is at least not immediate, they still masturbate!

My point is this: we have seen and heard several ultra-conservative, right wing individuals make statements about Senator Obama that are simply not true like he’s a terrorist, a socialist, he doesn’t love this country, or he’s going to break everybody’s bank by raising taxes and spending.  It’s all speculation designed to scare the weak into voting for the other guy.  Fear!

We’ve also heard the ultra-conservative, right wing individuals make statements that gay people shouldn’t have marrying rights because it affects the sanctity of their own sacred institution.  Again speculation.  I would challenge any one of those people making such statements to prove their theory.

What has been observed is that marriages don’t last because the people that get into them sometimes do so for a variety of wrong reasons, the least of which is because gay people would like the same human and civil rights that every human being deserves.  Really…I would bet that the people who frown on gays don’t even know any gay people.  So please tell me how the flying fu#k gay marriage affects them?  But it’s fear.  Fear keeps people in line.  Fear

So, in closing, just to make it clear…I’m getting this off my chest so I’ll sleep tonight.  I just couldn’t take it anymore:

To the people who have made such hateful, negative comments about the Obama’s, gays, or any other pet project that they’ve come up with – Stop being a coward and say what you really feel!!!  Then, we can move on.

If you don’t like the idea of a black man as President, or better yet if you just don’t like a black man – get over it because even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, there will be a black man as President someday and no matter how many times you click your ruby heeled slippers to wish them away, there will always be Americans that happen to be black.  Leave the fear to Stephen King.

If you don’t like the idea of gays being in your midst – get over it because they are in your midst and they always will be.  They don’t want anything to do with your damn marriage!  If your marriage is sacred today, it will still be sacred tomorrow unless you get divorced for which no gay person can claim responsibility.  Oh, and the day you stop believing that it’s a choice and understand that it’s all in the wiring, you’ll feel better.  Leave the fear to Friday the 13th.

And last but not least, if you don’t want to defend yourself against claims of being a racist, homophobe, or just plain asshole, stop talking so loudly, find your inside voice, and become one with your God – the one you claim to be acting like.  Because here’s the deal, if it looks like cabbage, and it smells like cabbage, well dammit, it’s probably cabbage.

Wow…I feel so much better.


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Can we do that?

So we got a phone call on our home phone last night.  Newsworthy – no, but those who know us know that the only reason we ever use that phone is if someone is at the gate to the subdivision or to order a pizza.

BUT, we’re also registered on the national and state ‘do-not-call’ registries and we got an autobot call from Governor Charlie Crist soliciting our vote for the Republican party.

According to the FCC rules:

“Calls using artificial or prerecorded voice messages – including those that do not use autodialers – may not be made to home phone numbers except for:

  • emergency calls needed to ensure the consumer’s health and safety;

  • calls for which you have given prior express consent;

  • non-commercial calls;

  • calls that don’t include or introduce any unsolicited advertisements or constitute telephone solicitations;

  • calls by, or on behalf of, tax-exempt non-profit organizations; or

  • calls from entities with which you have an EBR.”

So, since the Republican party and/or Governor Crist’s reason for calling wasn’t to ensure our health or safety, we didn’t give prior consent, it was definitely a commercial call, it was definitely a solicitation and an advertisement, the organization isn’t a non-profit, and we don’t know what the hell “EBR” means but it’s not us, doesn’t that breach the FCC rules for compliance with the ‘do-not-call’ registry?

I would say yes, so I wonder if we can file a complaint against Governor Crist or the Republican party?

Just wondering…

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This Is Why

People can say what they will about all of the reasons that Senator Obama shouldn’t be President, but take a look at this, and you’ll know why he should be…

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Alright – so I said I was done with horror flicks for the month…
Couldn’t resist watching Hatchet by Adam Green last night.  It’s gory, but you have to watch it.  At times, the script is just funny and at other times the suspense is really intense.

If you like the feeling you used to get when you watched the old school horror flicks, you’ll definitely like this one.  Plus, if you read the interview with Adam Green about his logic and theory behind the movie, it makes it all kind of worth it.

For my Florida peeps…Victor Crowley (the villain), kind of reminded me of R. Storms (FL Senate) in terms of fright factor…

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