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Can leotards bend that way?

There are no words to describe this.  I was going to say something like leave the dance routines to the big girls…but that somehow seems politically incorrect…so, I’m not going to say anything else except if you can watch this without cracking a smile, I need you to do my taxes this year, because that’s going to be even funnier.

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Jennie-O Commercial

Yeah…this just makes me laugh.  Everytime.

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Lesson learned – Patrick doesn’t want to enlist…

This is Patrick…

Patrick after a long hard day of napping...

Patrick after a long hard day of napping...

We learned a valuable life lesson about Patrick yesterday.  He doesn’t want to go into the military.

We purchased this outfit for him to wear on Thanksgiving with all of the visitors…

Patrick's military uniform


So we put his uniform on him and he tears out of the dining room, through the kitchen, out through the ‘sliders’ and onto the lanai where he proceeds to run into one of the posts supporting the screen.  It was at this point that our older cat Asher thinks that he’s being attacked by a larger than normal lizard and they both somehow settle into this ritual that only cats can come up with – they ran around the pool, one right behind the other 3 times before Patrick ran into the house and up the stairs to his favorite nightclub (behind the sofa in the sitting room).

You would’ve thought that a Saint Bernard was chasing the 2 of them…when we finally caught up with Patrick to help him out of his ‘soon-to-be-donated-to-the-Salvation-Army’ kitty uniform, he was obviously unhappy with us both.

We’re still in the litter box for this one…so, I’m not letting him sleep in the bedroom tonight…because he really may succeed in killing me tonight…

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Oh what fun it is to shop…

Ok…in our new-found socio-economic status of ‘inching our way down to poor’, we have had to adopt a new policy for food and necessity shopping.  Now I have to sit down and take a deep breath before I type the name…(gasp)…Wal-Mart.

There – I said it…don’t judge me!

To make shopping there a little more palatable, we have instituted this great game that we ran across and thought we would share with you (click “great game” to see the board).  We cannot however, take credit for it – we just found it on the ‘net’.

We split up when we enter the store, and we get 15 minutes…the first person to get a full line has to text the word “walmingo” to everyone else playing.

If you win, you get to go wait in the car upon checkout instead of waiting in the ‘longer-than-any-amusement-park-line’ line.  That’s one ‘heckuva’ prize if you ask me.

On a more serious note…I just couldn’t bring myself to do the T-giving shopping at our usual ‘Super I-Hate-My-Life-Right-Now Mart’ yesterday, so we drove about 20 minutes away from where we live to a place called, Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.

I cannot believe I’m going to say this, but we couldn’t play ‘the game‘ there.  It wasn’t crowded, the bread in the bakery was warm (we usually play football across aisles with the bread from our regular haunt), the employees were nice.  I mean I was waiting for some Dawn of the Dead stuff to start happening when the young lady who played our cashier in this surreal movie, asked us, and I kid you not…”how are you doing?”

We didn’t know what to say…we whispered to each other to ask if she was speaking Swahili (we only dabble), and then we said “doing well, how are you?”.  To which she replied, “fine, thank you for asking.”  I passed out at this point…so, can’t tell you anymore except if you have one of those ‘Neighborhood Markets’ within a 50 mile radius of you, DRIVE THERE I tell you.

It appears that some of our fellow bloggers had some holiday shopping experiences this weekend as well…I thought it only appropriate to link to The Good the Bad and the Ugly – The Coupon Nazi, because her story would have me drinking ‘percotinis’ this morning instead of apple juice.

Happy Monday everybody!

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Why I love fall in Florida

Need I say more?

November 22nd 2008 - Tampa, FL

November 22nd 2008 - Tampa, FL

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