Swimming In My Head…

diving in the deep end…


I’m writing this after returning from the gym.  I almost didn’t go because my blood pressure was through the roof tonight.  I don’t know why, but I somehow let some comments that I read on Trulia get to me.

Trulia is a real estate website that has an  opinions section designed for professionals to answer questions posed by people relating to real estate.

What started as a post by a Ft. Lauderdale realtor that was supposed to explain what both Presidential candidates’ platforms would do to the housing crisis turned into a name-calling, mudslinging free-for-all.

The comments had people calling McCain an “idiot” and others calling Obama a “terrorist” and “nazi-like”.  I was so disgusted by these so-called professionals who were doing nothing more than allowing emotion to get the best of them and acting like schoolyard children.

I made a decision that I’m going to limit what I watch as it relates to the remaining 12 days of this campaign because quite frankly, it’s not good for my health.

The feelings that have welled up inside of me are uncharacteristic and I don’t like it.  But bigger than that, I’m stooping to the same level of the people that I’m writing about and I don’t want to be like them.

Since this was designed to get ‘stuff’ off my chest though…I have to admit that I’m disappointed.  I’m disappointed in the way some people are treating one another right now.  I know it’s wrong to generalize because then I become prejudiced as well, but come on.

When you strip away all of the garbage, why are some people really so upset about this election?  It’s not everyone – it’s not even most people.  It’s this loud-mouthed opinionated few who are blowing smoke up everyone’s asses to deflect the real reason they’re so upset about the way the odds are favoring.

That’s what disappoints me.  I would like to believe that people are inherently good, but I’ve seen a different side and it’s scary.

By saying things about Senator Obama like he’s a “terrorist” or that he’s a “liar” or that he doesn’t have the best interests of this country at heart instead of saying what they really feel, literally turns my stomach.  I don’t understand hatred of this magnitude and I can only hope that I maintain that stance even when personally faced with such ignorance.

I have no witty or perfect ending to this post…just diving in the deep end and dumping what’s swimming in my head.


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  1. I agree with you. I believe most of those “questions” about BO are thinly-veiled racist attacks. I have concerns about both candidates, but I’ve weighed the options and decided that Obama is the best person running.

    I know Bush gets blamed for everything these days, but I will once again point the finger at him. He ran as a “uniter, not a divider” but we’ve seen the worst polarization of the American public in my lifetime (and possibly any lifetime) since he’s been in office.

    No matter who we are voting for, we need to realize that we all have common goals and desires for this country; we just have different ideas on how to achieve them.

    Comment by Brian | October 24, 2008

  2. Brian – there is absolutely no reason to feel bad about pointing out a ‘bushism’. You’re absolutely right – he did run as a “uniter” and look where we are.

    I’m just personally drained from all of it now though. It genuinely hurts to think that there is still so much hatred out there. And I mean from any side. I don’t like any of it simply because it destroys lives.

    Anyway, enough on the soap box…how beautiful it would be if we just breathe…lol.

    Comment by deek1973 | October 26, 2008

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