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All Done

We voted today.  You’ll be happy to know that I am officially placing on hold my daily ‘McBidPalinobamatics’ until the election is over.

On to bigger more important news.  Daniel is doing some scheming on Ugly Betty.  Who knew?  Who is this Connor dude and poof-be-gone to evil Kimmie.  Good friggin’ riddance.

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Is She For Real?

I know, I know, I’ve got to stop playing ‘Palinolitics’. I just can’t help it. Especially when I see people waving McCain/Palin signs on Dale Mabry, across from the ‘RayJay’ during the middle of rush hour like I did yesterday. What was striking to me was that the people waving the signs, didn’t look particularly well put together. Good ol’ Sarah has made it clear that she’s only fond of a few and they wouldn’t meet the criteria.

Don’t you get it? She doesn’t like you!

So one of her latest snafus is about earmarking money and fruit fly research. I don’t think the average person needs to know about it anyway, but since she brought it up, she’s very ill-informed to think that this kind of research is not valuable.

It seems that fruit fly research is and will be the basis for some advances in treatment or cure for humans from things like cancer, autism and other diseases and viruses. All information available on the internet if she’d just taken the time to look it up.

I suspect she’d rather be out thanking people for calling her a redneck. What a joke. And can someone please tell me why they think she’ll be better in 2012?

Watch her face when she’s talking about it. She really thinks she’s driving the point home hard…Sarah Palin – codename ID.10.T

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From My Perspective

I sometimes sit and wonder how I’ve gotten so politically charged of late. Is it because I’m a closeted die-hard Democrat? No, that can’t be it…don’t really care for the party system.

Is it because I was raised in a politically opinionated family? No, that’s definitely not it because my family felt that politics had no place in their lives due to their strong religious convictions.

Is it because I’m mixed race and there is a mixed race Presidential candidate that has a strong possibility of winning the 2008 election? Definitely not! Especially because I’m of the opinion that when asked my race, I say American. I was born here, I’ve always lived here, I pay taxes here, and I vote here. I’m American. Culture is a whole other conversation to be saved for another day.

All that said…who gives a crap, I just thought this clip of Obama appearing on The Daily Show was awesome and worth sharing.

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The Palin Prayer (Nightmare On PA Street)

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord does hear us weep
We’re crying ’bout two-thousand twelve
They’re talking President Palin – what the hell?

The GOP has gone totally mad
‘Cause Palin as President will end real bad
So lord we’re not asking you to drop any bomb,
Just tell Ms. Palin to go back to Alaska and be a gosh-darn “hockey mom.”

Just when we thought George Bush was the one to fear
Along came Palin who made “W” seem like a dear
Oh lord, please listen to us and hear our rhymes
And deliver us from Ms. Palin in these scariest of times


And now a video

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Fox News(Not)

I’m so happy to see someone push back at Fox News for their inability to actually broadcast the news, but instead act as a GOP muppet from a bad Sesame Street episode.  Shame on you ‘Kookie Monster’.  I know, I know – the muppets and Sesame Street aren’t even the same family, but since Fox likes to start poorly orchestrated rumors, I thought I would try too…

My bff (you know who you are wutupdogg) turned me onto the Huffington Post and I’m eternally grateful because it’s there that I discovered this great post that discusses Senator Obama fighting back.

Obama 2, Fox 1…waiting for the KO!

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